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Comprehensive company's analysis is a report generated for the purpose of external / independent evaluation of the financial and business situation of the company. It is the analysis of the company’s activity as regards the company’s profitability / performance and provides recommendations aimed at increasing its competitiveness. It is a roadmap prepared on the basis of tried and tested solutions and strategies the implementation of which not only contributes to the development of the company but also limits the financial and business risks undertaken by the company.

Comprehensive company'​s analysis report is a compilation of tried and tested recommendations and solutions suitable for a particular business model thanks to which the company will continue to improve its internal and external situation.

As part of the CFA preparation process, the following aspects among others are taken into account:
i) evaluation of the quality of financial data (adequacy of balance sheet structure),
ii) evaluation and recommendations concerning the financial liquidity,
iii) evaluation and recommendations concerning the sources of financing suitable for the company’s strategy and adopted business model,
iv) analysis, evaluation, recommendations concerning the financial indicators,
v) recommendations with respect to the manner, type and quality of data reporting to the company’s management,
vi) recommendations with respect to the manner of verification and monitoring of changes in selected aspects / areas of the company’s activity

Version with the business strategy evaluation module includes in addition:
i) Evaluation of tools required for the realization of the company’s strategy:

  • Structure of supplies / deliveries,
  • Organization of manufacturing,
  • Marketing strategy,
  • Sales strategy,
  • Organizational structure,
  • Evaluation of external and company’s own assets and resources,

ii) recommendations aimed at the improvement of effectiveness and dynamics of the company in line with the adopted business model,
iii) comparative analysis with direct competition / industry,
iv) evaluation of and recommendations with respect to the financial and accounting policy.

The service of the External Financial Director offered by Apeiron Consulting is a combination of financial and managerial competences in order to ensure financial safety of the company and to enable continuous development by making available the tried and tested financial tools and strategies.

Role of the Chief Financial Officer has undergone a significant evolution in the last several years. It does not only consist in the preparation of reports or information for the management.

In the ever changing market conditions Chief Financial Officer is currently expected to look for the possibilities to increase the value of the company, to care for maintenance of financial liquidity in the company and has ever greater responsibility for shaping of development strategies, adjusting business models and managing risk.

And that is a set of competences and assistance that You will benefit from when you use the service of the External Chief Financial Officer at Apeiron Consulting.

Main responsibilities of the Chief Financial Officer include among others:

  • analysis of and recommendations to the accounting documentation and financial performance,
  • reporting on the financial situation to the management,
  • ensuring the adequate level of financial liquidity and financial safety of the company,
  • introduction of the financial planning model based on the company’s business strategy,
  • supervision over the company’s investment plans,
  • co-creation of development strategies based on the financial and business tools,
  • professional cooperation with financial institutions.

Remedial restructuring of businesses relates to activities and recommendations which temporarily contribute to the improvement of the company’s financial performance, improve the financial liquidity and even prevent the company from being declared bankrupt.

A number of recommendations, required tools and description of activities is reflected in the remedial restructuring plan prepared by Apeiron

Consulting, which constitutes the basis for the swift completion of the restructuring process. In addition to being a roadmap for the company, the remedial program constitutes also a tool for the company’s business partners to develop a new model of cooperation during the period of changes.

As part of our competences, Apeiron Consulting conducts business remedial restructuring programs in two areas:

  • Financial restructuring – the main objective is to regain the adequate level of financial liquidity (solvency of the company) and to regain the safety of the financial structures,
  • temporary changes to the Company’s balance sheet structures in line with the restructuring program assumptions,
  • introduction of changes to the sales policy and price determination policy,
  • redevelopment of the company’s cost structures,
  • improvement of the cash flow process,
  • operational restructuring – the main objective is to improve the model of operation and management of the company in order to achieve a better and more effective organization,
  • temporary changes in the direction and manner of operation of the company in line with the remedial program,
  • introduction of changes in the processes related to the company’s human resources and capital,
  • improvement of the company’s management and organization process.

Development strategies introduced by Apeiron Consulting are related to the preparation and implementation of the strategic decisions aimed at the increase of the value of the company. The objective of implementation of the development strategies is to increase the effectiveness and thus competitiveness and profitability of your company.

Our experience shows that there is a significant need, if not a necessity, to improve the way in which the businesses are managed. In recent years such needs are often generated by a constantly changing market which has become ever more demanding, both with respect to effectiveness, operability as well as capital competiveness. In order to able to meet these challenges, the companies now have the opportunity to use the competences of Apeiron Consulting and to implement strategies that not only enable them to perform better than their competition but also to implement business models faster and in a safer manner.

Development strategies implemented by Apeiron Consulting are primarily designed for:

  • sales processes and strategies,
  • manufacturing organization and logistics,
  • order and supply policies,
  • organizational structures and incentive programs,
  • adequate reporting and monitoring of conducted activities,
  • financial strategies.

As part of your cooperation with Apeiron Consulting you will receive professional assistance in the process of obtaining of financing for the purposes related to your day-to-day activities as well as investment activities.

After we have familiarized ourselves with your situation, determined your needs, verified market and business possibilities, we obtain funds in the form of:

  • Bank loans,
  • Leasing,
  • Factoring,
  • Subsidies.

Utilizing our competences and experience, we conduct loan restructuring processes for our Clients. On the basis of a power of attorney granted to us, we represent our Clients before Financial Institutions and we prepare restructuring programs which constitute the foundation for the operations of a company during the process of changes.

As part of our cooperation aimed at obtaining of financing, Apeiron Consulting will among others handle the following:

  • audit of your financial debt items,
  • analysis of additional financial needs,
  • preparation of complete documentation for the purposes of debt acquisition,
  • preparation of applications for subsidies,
  • preparation of compilations for the purposes of debt acquisition,
  • professional representation before Financial Institutions and Financing Entities.

Development and safety of the funds invested by our Client is our absolute priority. We ensure that our Clients are comfortable with their investment decisions and that the decisions are implemented in accordance with jointly specified principles.

On a daily basis, together with our Clients we undertake actions aimed at the increase of the value of their businesses.

We have extensive experience in analysis and comprehensive management of investment projects. We implement investment projects both in the course of the process of building of a company’s assets by investing in real property as well as in the process of equipping the company with the required fixed assets i.e. machines, devices, technology lines, means of transportation, IT infrastructure.

During the implementation of the investment projects we secure appropriate funds for our Clients, and because of this approach not only do we achieve the set objectives but after the completion of the investment project we conduct the adaptation process leading to full operability.

As part of cooperation with Apeiron Consulting, You receive full assistance in the process of preparation for the implementation of the investment project. We prepare among others:

  • Analyses of profitability of investment projects,
  • Business plans,
  • Investment process financial planning models,
  • Bank loan applications and compilations for financial institutions,
  • Feasibility studies,
  • Market analyses.